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we are your agency
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Don't you know what to choose?
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Several times a year we open the possibility of hiring group experiences, up to a maximum of 15 participants, for those people, couples or small groups who prefer to do the way in company of others.

Sarria - Santiago

5 stages | 7 days
French Way
114 km

Tui - Santiago

6 stages | 8 days
Portuguese Way
114 km

& services

One of the aspects we pay most attention to is the selection of accommodations and lodgings. We do not use the number of stars based-system, because it is ineffective in an essentially rural environment such as the Camino de Santiago. We base our selection on our own experience, getting to know them one by one. That is why we know that they are of the utmost confidence.

In addition, we try to provide a variety of accommodations: from boutique hotels to restored manor houses, small charming guesthouses or rural houses whose value lies within the walls as well as outside.

I have done part of the Camino de Santiago with Proguías, specifically from Roncesvalles to Logroño. My Camino has been a unique, emotional and unforgettable experience. I am very grateful to Proguías and especially to Alba for helping me to prepare it, with great enthusiasm, and for feeling accompanied throughout the journey. Next spring, without a doubt, I will do it again with them, from O Cebreiro to Santiago. Thank you very much!
Maribi Arana
Juanma Pastor
We would like to thank Proguías (specifically Alba, as she was the permanent contact, even in hours and days out of hours), the attention, kindness, empathy and ability to work to make us feel at home. We started to enjoy the route from the first day we contacted you, it was all very easy and uncomplicated.
Juanma Pastor
The experience was great in every way. The accommodation was perfect, the luggage transport, the contact and follow up with you all ideal. The weather was unbeatable and the trail very easy to walk, with clear signage and beautiful at every turn.
Luz Aceytuno
It is impressive what a small agency like this can do. Fluid and direct communication, without promising the impossible and always with the truth up front. Some bigger companies could learn something.
Juana Bermúdez Cea
The English Way to Santiago
The wonderful organization of the trip has greatly enhanced the experience of our journey. Any problems that have occurred (which have been minimal) have been solved quickly and efficiently. I have travelled with peace of mind. The experience with you has been 10 out of 10 and I will recommend it, and of course I will count on you for my next trip.
Carla Miñambres
Manuel Fernández Doallo
My experience has been very good. You have been very attentive at all times. The accommodation was very good and very close to the way itself. I can't say anything bad about it. A hug and thank you for everything.
Manuel Fernández Doallo
I wanted to do the Camino de Santiago, but I didn't want to walk so many kilometres. So I contacted Proguías and they took care of everything with professionalism and exquisite treatment.
Andrés Santos