Tracks for the Camino de Santiago

Although the Camino de Santiago is an easy route to follow thanks to the multitude of indications that can be found along the way, some of our clients prefer to carry a map with them so that they can follow it if necessary. 

As, nowadays, if you have a mobile phone you will have a GPS with you, the best option is to use the tracks of the Camino that you can download from this page. 

Before you start

A track is a set of geolocation data (latitude and longitude) that allows us to set a series of points ordered in time and space, thus creating an itinerary. Our GPS devices can follow this set from "destination" to "destination" - that is, from point to point -, thus giving us a more or less detailed route to follow at any given moment. 

The use of tracks will ultimately depend on the functionalities of your GPS, but here we will explain the use for mobiles with the most popular navigator: Google Maps.  

On this page you will find the links that allow you to download the tracks of the Camino in KML format. Just select the section you are going to do and click on the download icon to download the file to your device. For the following steps, it is easier if you do it from a computer. 

Now that you have your track file, open Google Maps and log in if you are not already logged in. Next, go to the three lines icon (≡) in the top left corner. This will bring up a menu where you should choose "Your sites"and then the tab "Maps". At the bottom of that tab, you will see the "Create map". Click here. 

This will take you to the Google Maps map editor. Here you will have to give a name to your map where it says "map".Unnamed map". Then, where it says "Unnamed layer"you will see the option "Import". Click there and upload the track file you downloaded. 

Now that you have your track loaded in your Google Maps account, go to your phone and from the app you use to browse the internet, open the app. At the bottom of this page you will see the option "Explore maps". Press the button and a page will open where you will see the loaded maps. If the "Own" option opens by default and you don't see your track, you can click on it to see other options and find your map.

Once you have located your track, click on it to open it in Google Maps automatically. Tap the screen again to activate it and you can follow it. Remember to activate the geolocation on your mobile phone to make it easier. 

Choose your tracks

Select the section you want from the list on the left or download the complete route of each path on the right. 

Portuguese Way (inland) | Porto - Tui

Portuguese Way (inland) | Tui - Santiago

Portuguese Way (along the coast) | Oporto - A Guarda

Portuguese Way (along the coast) | A Guarda - Santiago

English Way | A Coruña - Santiago

The English Way | Ferrol - Santiago

North Road | Irún - Bilbao

North Road | Bilbao - Santander

North Road | Santander - Gijón

Camino del Norte : Gijón - Ribadeo

The North Way : Ribadeo - Santiago

Primitive Way : Oviedo - A Fonsagrada

Primitive Way : A Fonsagrada - Santiago

Sanabria - Ourense - Sanabria Route

Sanabrés Way | Ourense - Santiago

Way of Fisterra | Santiago - Muxía - Fisterra

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