The Camino
by bike

Are you thinking of doing your Camino de Santiago by bike, electric or conventional? Rent a Camino-proof one and live a different experience.

Camino de Santiago by bicycle | Camino de Santiago


Bicycle + The best services for the Way

Camino-proof bicycle

Charming and premium lodging

Luggage transport

Audioguides of Santiago

A life-changing experience

In Proguías we always want to offer you the best options for the Camino de Santiago by bicycle, electric or conventional. For this reason, we have teamed up with Tour'n'Ridethe best supplier of bicycles on the Camino. 

Camino de Santiago by bike: if I already have one,
why rent?

If you are thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago by bike, you may have already asked yourself this question: Why rent a bike if I already have one?

Renting a bike is always cheaper and more convenient. Why is that? Firstly, because we send it to you at the starting point, saving you the trouble of dismantling, packing and shipping it. And the cost of doing all this. Also, bear in mind that you will have to do the operation twice: once to send it to your starting point and once from the finish line to your home. 

In addition, bicycles suffer on the Camino. By renting one, you avoid damage and wear that can exceed 100 € (estimate based on our internal data and market prices). The bikes we use are tested to withstand the demands of this route and we deliver them to you in optimal conditions thanks to our double check system. 

In short: you save damage, logistics and worries. And it pays off. That is why it is one of the most demanded services by pilgrims who trust in Proguías.