About accommodation on the Camino de Santiago

Not everyone knows this, but when it comes to the Camino de Santiago, the traditional division of accommodation by the number of stars is useless. Why?

Because this system takes into account a series of elements such as the size of the room or the bathroom, which can be more easily defined for newly built accommodation, but which is difficult to apply to restored or converted buildings such as pazos, manor houses, lighthouses, monasteries, etc., or to traditional inns that have sometimes been serving pilgrims from all over the world for more than a century. 

On the Camino de Santiago, most of the accommodation we work with is in this type of building, which often means that the room does not meet the minimum space requirements for a 4 or 5-star establishment. However, the rest of the elements that determine our stay - the attention, the gastronomic offer, the quality of the materials, the environment, etc. - are usually much higher than the category obtained according to the official scale.

Moreover, taking into account that the Camino de Santiago mainly crosses rural areas, the accommodation on offer cannot be limited to hotels. Pensions, inns, hostels, rural houses and other types of accommodation traditionally considered to be of "lower quality" complete a range of possibilities on the Camino de Santiago on a par with the best hotels.

For this reason, in Proguías, like other similar services, we have decided to define the type of accommodation according to the quality of the accommodation and the services offered to the walker, and not so much on the basis of their official classification. 

In our programmes of the Camino de Santiago in Galicia we offer you four types of accommodation: standard, with charm or premium. To do this, we combine hotels, rural houses, pazos, Paradors, inns, hostels and pensions that we know directly and that we test from time to time to maintain the demanding level of service that we have set ourselves and not lose the essence of the Camino.  

What do we call standard accommodation?

Standard accommodation would correspond to 1 to 2 star hotels, hostels and guesthouses, all of which we fully trust, which cover the daily needs of the pilgrim and are usually very close to the Camino. Often at the foot of the route, in fact. This is the basic type of accommodation with which we work, so if you opt for it, you will get the best price for your programme.

An example of basic accommodation: the Hotel Hórreo, in Santiago de Compostela.

What is considered charming accommodation?

Along the Camino there is a wide variety of accommodation in charming buildings: restored traditional rural houses, small urban mansions, historic inns, etc. In general, these are design accommodation, luxury and assured tranquillity, with a very careful decoration and a very exclusive dedication to the clientele. This is clearly the case, the option we recommend the most for the extraordinary quality/price ratio. And, thanks to the trust of the people who travel with us, it is also the option we work with the most.

An example of accommodation with charm: the Hotel Costa Vella in Santiago de Compostela

What types of accommodation are premium?

In our premium accommodation category we include the best establishments available on the Camino. This type includes pazos, convents and monasteries of the Paradores network, boutique hotels, 4-star hotels, etc. It is undoubtedly the most select option, and preferred by those who want to complete their experience on the Camino with the unique experiences offered by these places. Please note that these accommodations are not usually located in the vicinity of the Camino, so this programme includes the necessary transfers.


An example of premium accommodation: Hotel Monumento San Francisco in Santiago de Compostela

One last clarification on accommodation

All the reservations we make in Proguías always have a private bathroom in the room. This excludes the hostels for pilgrims, which are a great option to do the Camino in the most economical way, but they do not offer the experience of rest and comfort that we want to offer you and that only private rooms can ensure. For this reason, en Proguías we do not work with hostels.

Adventure Mode

Finally, for those who wish to do the Camino de Santiago following the modern tradition of hostels, in Proguías we have developed the Adventure Mode. In this typology, the overnight stay is in shared rooms. We select only private hostels that have the best services at each point. 

An example of hostel accommodation: Albergue Dream in Santiago, in Santiago de Compostela.